Everyone has a line that shouldn't get crossed, but when Freddie crosses Angel's, she crosses his. Escalation leads to the final line that Freddie must decide which way to cross - the line between life and death.
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2nd June 2012

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Director’s Playlist

1. Mark Lanegan – “Wish You Well”
I have a deep love for Mark Lanegan’s music, but this song was picked for the steadfast tempo right, which, mixed with the lyrics, reminds me to “tie the ends and stitch it up”, then keep going through to the end. If Angel didn’t feel the need to cut ties and run, I like to think she would’ve wished Freddie well.

2. Soulsavers – “Death Bells”
This song is everything you need to know about Freddie. Death is near, but never takes him. Nothing can change him and his brother’s actions have helped make him who he is.

3. Afghan Whigs – “When We Two Parted”
Worst thing to do to yourself when you’re going through a breakup is listen to Afghan Whigs, especially this song. My favorite lyrics that helped me write this best:
“I should have seen this shit coming down the hall, every night I spent in that bed with you facing the wall, if I could have only once heard you scream, to feel you were alive, instead of watching you abandoning yourself”

4. Elliott Smith – “2:45 A.M.”
This song was on repeat while writing the final scene. Despite the middle of the song’s reference to heroin, I felt the sadness and loneliness fit with Freddie’s world:
“I’m going out sleepwalking, where mute memories start talking.”

5. Bono & The MDH Band – “Dancin Shoes”
This is Angel’s theme. She’s here because she’s trying to make a better life for herself, but it’s so hard with someone who holds her back. By the end of the day, she’s in a new place again, “learning to walk in those dancing shoes”. Sidenote: The photo in the video is my favorite shot in this movie.

6. Mother Love Bone – “Chloe Dancer - Crown of Thorns”
If Ray could play any song to his surviving girlfriend, Missy, this would be it. He’s a grunger (or grunge-head… what’s the proper term for us grunge fans?), who has not only embraced the music beyond Nirvana, but also the style he should be locked away in fashion jail for. Mother Love Bone is his favorite band, Andrew Wood’s overdose saddens him more than Cobain’s.

7. The Twilight Singers – “They Ride”
I have this song on here mostly because of the flow and it has a good mood to write Freddie to. The lyrics don’t pertain much to Crossed Lines since they have a lot do with drugs, dealing, and addiction, but those things boil down to being demons and lord knows Freddie has many of those.

8. Joy Division – “Twenty Four Hours”
“Death Bells” gives you everything you need to know about Freddie, but this song is Freddie’s theme.

These are the essentials from my much longer playlist that I often turn to when working on these characters.

-Endless Meghan

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